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Whether you’re just starting out learning guitar for the first time, or you’ve owned a guitar for a few years but you’re ready to take the next step in your guitar education we can probably point you in the best direction to get started.

My name is Ian and I own and use 4 different online guitar lesson and DVD based courses each and every month. Besides that I’ve bought and/or tested just about every single guitar lesson DVD, ebook, online membership etc.

Needless to say, I’ve got a pretty good handle on what the best guitar lessons online are, and which lessons are the best for each skill level and genre.

Below I’ve created an easy to navigate breakdown of what I feel are the best beginner and genre specific guitar lessons. You can read my full reviews of each product or just click on through to the official website if you’re ready to get started.

Rank Course Rating Price Website Review
#1 JamPlay $19.99 (Coupons Available) Read Review
#2 Learn and Master Guitar $149 ($100 Off) Read Review
#3 Guitar Tricks 14 Day Free Trial Read Review
#4 Beginner Guitar System $97.00 Read Review
#5 Jamorama $49.95 Read Review

3 Guitar Courses for December 2011

While we’ve used, reviewed and compared more then a dozen different guitar lessons and courses we want to make your decision easier, not more difficult. So we’ve provided a bit more information on our top 3 guitar courses below.


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Beginners: check
Intermediate: check
Multiple Styles: check
Practice Tools: check
Best Price: $19.95
Guarantee: 7 days
Jamplay Benefits:

  • 40+ different instructors
  • Beginner acoustic & electric lessons
  • Live daily webcam lessons
  • 12 Styles of intermediate lessons
  • Full song lessons available
  • Active student forum & community

Jamplay offers guitar lessons for players of all skill levels, including kids, on the electric and acoustic guitar.

All videos are recorded in high-definition and many take advantage of multiple screens and picture-in-picture to simulate a one-on-one lessons as much as possible.

With awesome practice tools, backing tracks and even daily live webcam lessons there’s no wonder Jamplay offers the best guitar lessons online.

User our special Jamplay coupon codes to save a few bucks when signing up.

#2 Learn and Master Guitar

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Beginners: check
Intermediate: check
Multiple Styles: check
Practice Tools: check
Best Price: $149.00
Guarantee: 60 days
Learn & Master Guitar Benefits:

  • Professional Instructor from Nashville TN
  • Beginner acoustic & electric lessons
  • Lesson Book and Back Track CDs included for practicing
  • Weekly Live lessons via Ustream
  • Active student forum & community

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar, just recently named Acoustic Guitar Magazines Players Choice award for instructional product, is a 20 DVD course that includes 5 CDs full of songs to practice along with and a lesson book to supplement the videos.

The course instructor is one of the easiest to learn from of all DVD and online guitar lessons and every video is shot in high-definition and uses close-up shots and on-screen images when necessary to reinforce important topics.

While the lessons aren’t available online, this course is ideal for someone who wants to use their TV and DVD player to learn rather then their computer.


guitar tricks
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Beginners: check
Intermediate: check
Multiple Styles: check
Practice Tools: check
Best Price: Free Trial
Guarantee: 60 days
GuitarTricks Benefits:

  • 40+ different instructors
  • Beginner acoustic & electric lessons
  • Organized lesson cirriculum for Beginners
  • Lots of Practice tools & Backing Tracks
  • Active student forum & community

Guitar Tricks has been providing online guitar lessons for longer then any other website out there. They have an easy to follow beginner guitar program called their Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 & 2 which rolls right on into their intermediate lessons in Rock, Country and Blues.

With great practice tools like their back tracks Jam Station as well as scale and chord programs, Guitar Tricks is a great place for beginner and intermediate players who are more concerned with quality of instruction then High Definition videos and flash.

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

While I truly believe that you will learn faster and better by either joining one of the best online guitar lessons websites, or purchasing a DVD guitar lessons course I understand that not everyone is ready to make that kind of investment yet. For this reason I’ve decided to post some of my own beginner guitar lessons here as well. Use these to learn some basic concepts on the guitar. I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks, so check back often.

C Major Scale

C Major Scale VideoIf you don’t know anything about scales yet then the C Major scale is the easiest place to start. With no sharps or flats you can learn the major scale pattern on the guitar neck easily with this beginner guitar lesson. Watch This Lesson Now

3 String Chords

3 String Beginner ChordsBeginner guitar chords can be tough when first starting out. Your fingers are forced to stretch in ways that don’t feel comfortable. This beginner guitar lesson will show you three easy to play beginner chords. Watch this Lesson Now

Open D Tuning

Drop D Guitar TuningOpen D tuning is one of my favorite tunings to play in. In this online guitar lesson video I’ll show you how to get into this tuning and some demonstrations on what it sounds like. Watch This Lesson Now

Basic Theory I – IV – V

Guitar Theory I IV VIf you know nothing about musical theory then this is the video you need to watch. In this beginner lesson I’ll explain the basics of chord progressions and musical theory. Watch This Lesson Now

Intermediate and Genre Specific Guitar Lessons Online

So what if you’re not a beginner? Maybe you already know most of your open and barre chords. You can play a bunch of songs, but you feel like you’ve plateaud. I know how that feels because that’s what led me to the world of online guitar lessons in the first place.

I was tired of playing the same old songs I had learned, but I needed some guitar instruction to bring my playing to the next level. That’s when I first started buying all of these online and DVD courses.

Below is information on genre specific intermediate guitar lessons. While there is probably some you can learn from the beginner courses I discuss above, you’re likely better off choosing one of the courses I recommend below.

Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues guitar lessonsBlues is one of the most popular sub-genres of electric guitar. There are both blues dvd and blues guitar lessons you can learn from. Read More…

Country Guitar Lessons

country guitar lessonsBecoming a great country guitar player requires learning a unique style of picking and some scales that aren’t used in blues and rock. Read More…

Rock Guitar Lessons

Rock Guitar Player Rock guitar is more then just power chords. To really master rock guitar you must have a great understanding of the guitar neck, pentatonic scale and guitar theory. Check out our reviews on the best online rock guitar lessons. Read More…

Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal Guitar Player Learning to play Metal Guitar isn’t just about noise. It takes great skill and a solid understanding of musical theory and scales. Both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay offer some solid online metal guitar lessons. Read More…

Disclosure: If you choose to visit one of the courses we review via our website and make a purchase we may recieve a commission, how ever we do not allow this to interfere with our rating and review process. We never accept paid reviews and each product is thoroughly tested by us. All opinions offered here are our own.

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