Which Site Offers the Best Online Guitar Lessons – Jamplay.com or GuitarTricks.com?

Last Updated: December 5th, 2011

There are quite a few different online guitar lessons websites to choose from, and new ones popping up all the time. Of all these sites there are only two I feel that are worth your time looking at, and the are the sites all other online guitar lessons sites try to imitate.

GutiarTricks has been providing online guitar instruction for more then 10 years. They are the pioneers of this industry and have taught more than 50,000 students how to play the guitar.

JamPlay, a newer service, is somewhat modelled after Gutiar Tricks. They’ve taken advantage of some newer technologies in video production to create split screen videos (multiple angle views of demonstrations) and also offer live webcam lessons each day.

Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks: Offers thousands of lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Players. Covers styles such as blues, rock and country.

These two services are closely matched in lessons content and price. So which provides the best online guitar lessons? That’s what we’re going to find out right now.

The Comparison

Let’s compare the main features of both sites:

  • Lesson Content and Quality
  • Instructors
  • Styles & Topics Covered and Taught
  • Practice & Supplemental Materials
  • Price

Lesson Content

Both sites have a TON of video lessons inside their membership area. I give one point to GuitarTricks.com for offering a Free Trial account for 14 Days. This let’s you see what the lesson quality is like before you spend any money.

JamPlay also offers some free lessons but they don’t make it as obvious to you, the visitor. There’s a link in the side navigation bar that takes you to their free lessons.

Quantity of Lessons

Guitar Tricks measures there lesson quantity in number of lessons, while JamPlay measures in overall hours of lessons online. When it comes down to it both sites have more content then you’ll ever use no matter what your current skill level.

JamPlay definitely has a one up on GuitarTricks in terms of video quality. They use three way split screens for many of their newer lessons. This way you get a clear view of the left fretting hand, right strumming hand and a full view of the entire instructor all inside one video screen. See the example lesson to the right.

Winner here is JamPlayScore: JamPlay 1 – GuitarTricks 0


Like their lesson content both sites have a lot of teachers to choose from, and each teacher is specialized in a particular area (i.e. Blues, beginner, country etc.).

GuitarTricks currently has more teachers on their roster, but JamPlay is adding more all (currently 43 of them) the time. As far as teacher quality both sites are neck in neck.

For instructors I’d say it’s tieScore: JamPlay 2 – GuitarTricks 1

Topics and Styles Covered

Jamplay online guitar lessons styles

JamPlay offers lessons in blues, rock, jazz, country, metal and more.

This is where online guitar lessons becomes really interesting. When learning from a dvd you usually have to purchase a new dvd for each style you want to learn. With online guitar lessons you can learn lots of styles, songs and techniques all at one place and from a variety of teachers.

The basic topics of beginner and intermediate guitar skills are covered well by both sites. They each offer a very straight forward and easy to follow lesson plan guiding you through which lessons to watch and in what order.

JamPlay provides a little more variety in the beginner stages by offering separate acoustic and electric lessons as well as several different beginner teachers to choose from.

Both sites also cover the most popular styles such as blues, rock and country. JamPlay goes a little further to offer some unique styles such as: Celtic and Hawaiian slack key guitar lessons. See a list of all styles taught at JamPlay.

I think JamPlay has a slight edge hereScore: JamPlay 3 – GuitarTricks 1

Practice and Bonus Features

Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Tools

Guitar Tricks Offers Online Chord and Scale Software, Backing Tracks, Tuner and More as Practice and Bonus Features.

Both sites offer the main tools you need when learning the guitar, such as: chord charts, scale diagrams, metronome, tuner and backing tracks.

I like the way GuitarTricks offers it’s backing tracks in what they call their “JamStation”. It has over 200 backing tracks built into it and they’re all easy to access. JamPlay also offers some backing tracks but they’re just not as neatly sorted.

Live Daily Lessons

JamPlay has introduced a first for online guitar lessons. Each day they’re offering several live webcam lessons that any and all members can tune into. In theory I like the concept, but I don’t know how much it helps you improve your playing unless you happen to tune into a webcam lesson that is covering something you’re working on.

Both sites have huge support and community forums built into them. Members and instructors frequent the forms daily chatting, asking and answering questions and providing feedback.

Both are evenly matched I’d call it a tieScore: JamPlay 4 – GuitarTricks 2


I don’t think everything should down to price but it’s a strong factor to consider. Guitar Tricks has JamPlay edged by $5 bucks a month at $14.95 a month, and they’re currently offering a 14 Day Free Trial. JamPlay costs $19.95 per month, how ever discounts are available if you sign up for more then one month at a time.

I have a special Jamplay coupon for my readers that will save you 25% off your first month at JamPlay if you sign-up today making the pricing equal for GuitarTricks and JamPlay for the first month.

For Pricing I give it to GuitarTricksScore: JamPlay 4 – GuitarTricks 3


You can see these two online guitar lesson sites are pretty darn close. Which one is right for you? Hard to say for sure. I believe that JamPlay is a little more technical and you’ll want to be familiar with navigating around a large website, while GuitarTricks is pretty straight forward.

It seems that most mature guitar players enjoy Guitar Tricks while younger players are bigger fans of JamPlay.

From our score board JamPlay is the winner, although not by much. I’ll suggest you check them out first, but if it doesn’t seem right for you you can always switch to GuitarTricks after the first month.

If you sign up today use Jamplay coupon code: 275B25 You’ll save 25% off your first month.

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