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jamplay lead guitar lessonsLearning to play lead guitar well is a mixture of a few things: solid understanding of musical theory and key signatures, combined with scale knowledge and a bit of speed.

Of course you can’t learn all of those things at once, and each technique builds on the next. So when taking lead guitar lessons you first need to decide where you’re at in terms of skill level (do you know your key signatures and pentatonic scales?), what style are you interested in playing lead for (blues, rock, metal?) and how are your picking skills?

Where I’m Taking Lead Guitar Lessons

There’s one place I’ve been using exclusively for lead guitar lessons online and that’s Jamplay.com. While Jamplay does have a specicifc lead guitar lessons series by Dennis Hodges (sample lesson) I’ve found that the genre sepific lessons have helped me hone my skills and become a better lead guitar player.

It all started of course with their beginner electirc guitar lessons. I learned my basic key signatures and how to tell what key a song was in.

From there I learned the basic pentatonic scale shapes from the rock genre specific lessons by Brad Henecke. It only took me a couple of days to learn those shapes and I was jamming along with backing tracks in no time.

My most recent lessons have explored the lead guitar lesson series as well as some more blues and rock style lead guitar videos available inside the Jamplay.com website.

Learning Lead Guitar with JamPlay

Learning lead guitar with Jamplay is a lot of fun because I’m not just limited to one style or series of boring lessons. I jump around from one style to another and from one instructor to another. Each teacher has their own unique insights they share with you in their videos so you never stop improving and never stop learning.

If you’re looking for some solid lead guitar lessons then I would definitely check out Jamplay. The cost is only $19.95 a month and I have a special Jamplay coupon for my website visitors that will save you 25% off your first month. Simply enter coupon code 275B25 when signing up.

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