Jamplay Review and Coupons for May 2012

Jamplay online guitar lessonsI’ve been a member of JamPlay.com for over a year, and while I consider myself to be an intermediate guitar player I really sharpened my skills in musical theory and scales after joining their site. Their easy to navigate members area and huge lesson catalog always offers me something new to learn and pickup each time I login.

With over 40 different instructors on staff at JamPlay you’re always learning from someone who specializes in the style you want to learn from blues guitar to metal. JamPlay offers more lesson styles then any other online guitar course and has an in-depth series of both acoustic and electric beginner guitar lessons.

What we Like about JamPlay

With over 40 different teachers it’s almost impossible that you won’t find at least one of the 14 beginner guitar instructors you’ll enjoy learning from. Having a variety of teachers gives you different perspectives on the same topics and it’s possible you’ll relate to one better then another. This provides you with a unique benefit that most DVD courses can’t offer since they’re filmed using only one instructor.

Below is a video walkthrough of how I use Jamplay.com. Watch it to get a look at what’s on the inside of Jamplay.com

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Great Video Content

JamPlay definitely keeps up to date on new advancements in video production. They shoot all of their lesson videos in high definition and are currently using 4-way multiple angle screens (see screen shot below) to demonstrate all skills. In terms of features, multimedia and video quality I believe JamPlay is at the top.

Tons of Beginner Content

There are currently 8 different beginner acoustic guitar series and 6 beginner electric guitar series for you to choose from. Each series contains between 10 to 50 different lessons and is taught by a different instructor. Generally you can choose one series from the style your most interested in (acoustic or electric) and that will give you the basic primer on theory, chords, scales and technique you need to move onto the genre specific lessons offered that include rock, blues, country, jazz, metal and more.

Teaching Tools

Most online guitar lessons offer a variety of practice tools such as online chord and scale libraries metronome, tuner and usually a few backing tracks to practice along with. JamPlay offers all those but also takes it to the next level by integrating video demonstrations of each scale, including an example of how to free style with each scale. There’s also a lick and riff library which consists of over 100 different licks and riff lesson videos you can learn and work into your practice and jam sessions. I personally really enjoy this section because they’re short videos you can watch and learn in a short period of time and are impressive to play for your friends.

Webcam Sessions and Community

One other feature that JamPlay is offering and no one else seems to be thinking of is live web cam sessions offered four times daily. These sessions are live streamed by one of the JamPlay instructors and last about an hour. They happen four or more times a day and anyone who’s a JamPlay member can login and ask questions, and chat with the other students and instructor. These web cam sessions are just an extension of the great community that exists within JamPlay. There is a very active forum inside the members area where students and instructors hang out. You can ask questions on particular lessons, get feedback and support or just meet your fellow students.

Screen Shots

JamPlay.com Screen Shots – Click Images to Enlarge
jamplay jamplay screen shot 2
jamplay screen shot 3 Gibson learn and master guitar screen shot 4

What We Didn’t Like About JamPlay

While some students will love the huge amount of content available inside the JamPlay members area some may feel overwhelmed. While it’s obvious that if you’re a beginner you should start with the beginner lessons it does take some focus on your part to stick with the lesson series you start with and see it through to completion.

The monthly fee to be a member of JamPlay is $5 more per month then competitor Guitar Tricks. However I feel there is easily $5 worth of value offered at JamPlay beyond Guitar Tricks.

The final downfall, however it’s more a downfall of all online guitar lessons, is you can only watch the video lessons on your computer. If you want to be able to watch them on your TV then you’re either going to need a hook-up for your computer to your TV or consider buying a guitar lesson DVD instead.

Pricing Comparison

The price for a one month membership to JamPlay is $19.95. Or you can subscribe per quarter for $49.95 and per year for $139.95. We’ve been provided with a couple of exclusive Jamplay coupons you can use when signing up to save 25% off your first month on a month-to-month membership or 10% off your total purchase if signing up for a quarter or full year. See the bottom of this page for details.

As mentioned JamPlay does cost $5 more per month then Guitar Tricks but they offer more lesson content and additional features. If you’re attracted to the live webcam sessions, lick and riff library and variety of styles covered at JamPlay then the extra $5 bucks a month is worth it.


Overall JamPlay is a great choice for beginner electric of acoustic guitar lessons. The fact that you can stick around and grow as a guitarist from a beginner to intermediate and then specialize in the style(s) that appeal most to you is a great feature that no other site offers.

Their site also caters to people who both crave step-by-step lesson plans and those who want to pick and choose what they learn. For the $19.95 a month (about the same cost as one private lesson) you’re getting more then your money’s worth even if you only login once a week.

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