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guitarjamz simageGuitarJamz is a newer online guitar instruction website. Like other popular alternatives GuitarJamz is a month-to-month subscription service costing $29 per month.

One primary difference between GuitarJamz and competitive sites such as Guitar Tricks or JamPlay is that all of the guitar lesson content on Guitar Jamz is recorded and taught by Marty Schwartz.

If you’ve ever done a search for free guitar lessons on YouTube then no doubt you’ve come across Marty’s free lessons on everything from acoustic blues to country. He has literally hundreds of videos online and I’ve used a few of them personally to pick up a few tips and tricks, especially for the blues.

What We Like About Guitar Jamz

Guitar Jamz is a very free flowing site. If you’re a fan of learning a little bit about a lot rather then following a specific lesson plan then GuitarJamz is an excellent alternative to some of the more main stream online lesson sites.

Videos span a range of topics from beginner acoustic and electric techniques to blues, rock and country.

Fantastic Blues Content

Guitar Jamz’s strongest suit is Marty’s blues lessons. It’s evident from the free videos available online as well as the content available on the inside of the Gutiar Jamz website that he loves the blues. There’s more blues lessons then anything else, and he offers a ton of content to learn from.

What We didn’t Like About Guitar Jamz

If you’re a beginner then I don’t think Guitar Jamz is going to be the best bet for you. Why? Well the lack of a structured beginner lesson series will likely leave you scratching your head wondering what video you should watch next.

Also the cost at $29 a month is twice that of Gutiar Tricks and $10 bucks more a month then JamPlay. Since these two other others have about 100 times the content of Guitar Jamz, I gotta say they’re probably a better choice.


If you’re an intermediate player who is interested in learning the blues then I think signing up to Guitar Jamz for a couple of months will teach you a ton. Marty’s teaching style is fun and easy going and his knowledge about blues playing, improvising and theory is awesome.

Unfortunately if you’re a beginner just starting out who’s looking for some straight beginner acoustic or electric guitar lessons I’d suggest you check out JamPlay instead. They offer far more structure to their lessons and also a variety of instructors to choose from.

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