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blues guitarBlues guitar is probably the most popular sub genre of the guitar. It’s an addictive style and sound to both listen to and play. I say this first hand since blues is something I’ve recently become interested in and have been using some of the same blues guitar lessons I’m going to outline below.

The level of instruction you will need to learn the blues is going to hinge on what your current skill level is. I’m going to say that if you have absolutely not prior experience playing the guitar or you just started learning within the past couple of months you’ll be better served starting with one of the beginner guitar lessons online courses we outline on the home page.

However, if you have the basics of the guitar under your fingers (open and barre chords, basic theory, some scale understanding) then you’re ready to immerse yourself in the blues.

We’ve decided to only focus on three blues guitar lessons courses for this section of the site, but each one is awesome and I’m going to suggest you consider trying two of them in fact. Let’s take a look at the blues guitar lessons courses we’re talking about.

Learn & Master Blues Guitar

learn & mater blues guitarYup, the same company that created Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar beginner course also has a blues specific course. It’s the same instructor, Steve Krenz, but it’s all about the blues.

What I Like:

This course is spread across five DVDs (click here to see sample lessons) and in my opinion is the most linear/logical course on the blues out there. The lessons give you the necessary outline of musical theory to really master the blues and not just one or two scales that you can use to show off to your friends.

Instructor Steve Krenz really knows his stuff and he follows a good pace in this course (Faster then the beginner Learn & Master Guitar Course). There’s a supporting lesson book in PDF format available on their website (click here download a copy of the lesson book). It’s got more chord diagrams, scale patterns and tab then you can shake a stick at.

There is also a Jam Along CD (click here to listen to sample tracks) included and this thing rocks. The blues, more so then any other genre of music, needs that backing band to play along with. It inspires you to pick notes and licks out of the air while you practice. You can buy backing track albums on iTunes and even back track programs online, however it’s nice to have a set of backing tracks that directly relates to the material you’re learning so you can work them into your practice routines.

What we Don’t Like:

The fact that you have to order the DVDs and wait for them to ship to you before you can start learning is kind of a pain in the butt. The other two courses we outline below are both online memberships so you get instant access.

Also while the course is very linear, in that it teaches you the easiest stuff then works up to the more difficult stuff, this can feel a bit slow at times, especially if your a bit impatient like I am. This isn’t anything against the material or format of the lessons I sometimes just tend to get ahead of myself.

JamPlay Blues Guitar Lessons

jamplay blues guitar lessonsIf it’s guitar lesson content you love then you’ll be amazed at how many lessons JamPlay has in their online guitar lessons membership. We’ve rated JamPlay the best online guitar lessons over all and a big reason is because of the over 500 hours worth and they’re adding to that every month.

What we Like:

JamPlay’s Blues guitar lessons are taught by several different instructors. Each one has a little different take and style which is nice. So you get a well rounded education in shuffles, 12 bar blues, chicago style blues, slide etc.

The fact that you can get instant access to their online membership for less then 20 bucks is nice. You don’t have to wait for anything to be shipped in the mail, you just signup, pay and voila you’re in and watching your first blues guitar lesson in under ten minutes

What we Don’t Like:

There is limited backing tracks specifically for blues at JamPlay, and they aren’t as good a quality as those offered in the Learn & Master pack. Also there isn’t any specific blues guitar lesson book for you to follow along with. While the videos are the meat and potatoes of the the lessons the book is a saviour when you’re sitting down to practice.

One other thing that I noticed is that there isn’t a straight forward practice routine laid out for you. I appreciate being told what I should do for practice so I know I’m focussing on the right things and indeed making progress.

Guitar Tricks Blues Guitar Lessons

guitar tricks blues lessonsNo one has been providing guitar lessons online longer then Guitar Tricks. They’ve built up a huge catalog of over 3000 different individual guitar lessons and they offer a specific area of their site dedicated to blues.

What we Like:

Similar to JamPlay, Guitar Tricks also offers blues lessons from more then one instructor. So you get he benefit of a learning from several teachers, each who has a diverse background in the blues.

Guitar Tricks has what’s called their “Jam Station” which offers backing tracks, many of which are blues. The sound and recorded quality is pretty good. Although a downfall is unless you have some good speakers connected to your computer you won’t likely be jamming over top of them with an electric guitar.

The fact that you get instant access is also a plus for me. I like instant gratification and for the under $15 dollar price point I’ve got to say Guitar Tricks is a pretty good deal.

What we don’t like:

Like JamPlay, Guitar Tricks lacks a lesson book and straight forward practice routine. Two things I think a beginner should have to ensure they’re focussing on the most important parts of the blues.

The other downfall to Guitar Tricks is they don’t offer quite the same video quality as JamPlay. They don’t use a lot of picture in picture of multiple screen shots. Not that this affects the quality of the content, but sometimes an up-close shot of something while the instructor is explaining can go a long way.


At the beginning of this article I mentioned that I was going to suggest you try two of these programs. The two I’ll leave up to you, but one of them should be the Learn & Master Blues Guitar. The quality of instruction, lesson book, backing tracks and practice routine included with this course make it your best bet to really master the blues.

Now for the second course, I’m going to say try either Guitar Tricks or JamPlay. Why? Well first of all they’ll get you learning right now while you’re waiting for your Blues Guitar DVDs to ship. Second, I find that I use both my JamPlay membership and my Learn and Master DVDs at different points in time.

When I want to learn something new or quickly I’ll login online and watch a quick lesson. I find it supports the information I’m getting from the DVDs. Also Both of these online sites provide a lot more then just blues lessons so you can pick up some country, rock, metal or even jazz techniques while you’re at it.

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