What Makes the Best Guitar Lesson DVD the Best?

best guitar lesson dvdI own and have used quite a few guitar lessons dvd courses. From Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar to the Beginner Guitar System by Rail Road Media, I’ve bought, used and evaluated most of the popular courses available online, and while there were a quite a few things most of the best guitar dvd courses had in common such as:

  • They all use HD video and multiple angle shots to demonstrate things
  • They all offered a lesson book
  • They all included some jam along tracks for practicing

So what is the differentiating factor to make one course the best guitar lesson dvd versus another?

In my opinion it all comes back to people. The best guitar lessons dvd also had the best instructor and lesson plan.

The Best Guitar DVD Is …

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching the best online guitar lessons then no doubt you’ve heard of Learn & Master Guitar. Just about every single website like mine rates this course as their top pick, but why is it their top pick?

I’ve written a pretty detailed Learn and Master Guitar review that outlines all of my thoughts about the course, but I’ll share with you the main points here.

Course Content

While most websites rave about the quality of the videos and the backing tracks included I want to talk to you about something different. The actual content and lessons on those dvds.

You see when it comes down to it, I’d take a crappy video quality guitar course that teaches me more about the instrument then a High Definition recorded dvd series that is a little light on quality lesson content.

Music Theory and Playing Styles

The first point that makes Learn & Master the best guitar instruction dvd is that they don’t shy away from teaching you how to read music and understand musical theory, two very important aspects of learning the guitar if you’re really serious about. Also course instructor Steve Krenz covers the basics of a variety of playing styles including the blues, jazz and rock.

The goal of these guitar lessons is to teach you guitar in a way that you can express yourself on the instrument, play with others and even write your own music; not just learn to play other peoples songs like so many other guitar DVDs do.

Teacher and Author

If you think back to grade school I’m sure your favorite subjects were those where not only did you have an interest in the subject, but you also enjoyed your teacher. A good teacher is essential for learning something and sticking with it. They generate interest and engage you on the journey.

The second reason that Learn & Master is the best guitar lesson dvd is because of course author and instructor Steve Krenz.

Steve is a 20+ year veteran of the music business and has been teaching guitar for just as long. He is a musical theory genius and a master of many styles (thanks to his experience as a studio musician). There are some sample video clips of the lessons on their official website you can check out. Click Here to Watch Now.

Practice – Where You Really Get Good

Through my experience with online and dvd guitar lessons something that amazed me was the lack of instruction on what to practice each week. The lessons would explain a topic very well, but as a beginner you’d be left trying to decide for yourself what you should be praciticing each day.

When I came to review the Learn & Master Guitar program this point was different. On every beginner guitar dvd there were two sessions (aka. Lessons) and also two workshops (aka. Review sessions).

The lessons of course would teach you the fundamental aspects while the workshops would be a quick review of what was taught then Steve, the course instructor, would tell you what to focus on for practicing, how long it should take you and at what point you are ready to move on to the next section.

This type of instruction was missing in all the other dvds I used and reviewed.


While I recognize that Learn and Master Guitar is a more expensive course, it is my honest opinion that your money is well spent if you’re serious about learning the guitar.

This is the best guitar lesson dvd for those that really have an interest or a passion for wanting to learn to make music. It’s going to take work, it’s going to take time, but the great thing is that this program has everything you need to ensure you’ll reach that point where you can play a song by ear, or play a great blues solo. All you need to add is the time.

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