Find the Perfect Acoustic Guitar Lessons DVD or Online Videos

It’s not easy to find an acoustic guitar lessons dvd specifically for beginners. Most guitar lesson dvds use a mixture of electric and acoustic guitars in their instruction. However in saying that any dvd for beginners can be learned just as easily on an acoustic guitar as you can on an electric guitar.

The only acoustic specific beginner guitar lessons I’m aware of are those acoustic guitar lessons offered at

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVD course is the closet acoustic guitar lessons dvd you’ll find. Course instructor, Steve Krenz, uses a mixture of acoustic and electric Gibson guitars through out the lessons, but all course material can be learned using either type of instrument.

Learn and Master Acoustic Guitar DVDs

learn and master acoustic lessonsIf you’re a beginner or intermediate guitar player I would highly suggest you add Learn & Master Guitar to your list.

The course covers a longer list of styles and topics then any other guitar lessons dvd, and provides a very straight forward practice routine which is something most self study guitar courses don’t do.

The acoustic guitar lesson dvd course comes with:

  • 20 Lesson DVDs
  • 5 Jam Along Cds for Practicing
  • Complete 100 Page Lesson Book for Practicing
  • Unlimited access to the online student support website

This course offers more then a years worth of private guitar instruction that you can use right from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction what you’d pay for private lessons. Hands down this is the best guitar lesson dvd out there, not just for acoustic guitar.

JamPlay Acoustic Guitar Lessons

acoustic guitar lessonsIf you do want to learn from someone who teaches using nothing but an acoustic guitar I would suggest you check out acoustic guitar lessons.

At the time of writing this they have 7 different beginner series of lessons instructed by 7 different teachers. Each acoustic guitar lesson series covers the basics of music theory, scales, chords and more.

If you’re looking for something more advanced then beginner guitar lessons JamPlay also offers lessons in acoustic blues, bluegrass, jazz and even classical guitar.

While it’s not an acoustic guitar lessons dvd it is a lot less expensive then course like Learn and Master Guitar. JamPlay costs only $19.95 a month and you can cancel anytime.

You can save a few extra bucks also when you sign-up if you use our special Jamplay coupon that gets you 25% off your first month of fees. Simply enter coupon code 275B25 at sign-up and you’ll save almost $5 bucks.

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